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Monday, April 15, 2013

Am I coming or going...???

One week my hours are cut WAY back and now this week I'm working 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hour CRAZY shifts. I had to be to work at 3 AM today to get the rest of a MAJOR shift done of all the Wilton products and gifts and shipping packaging. WOW! Does it all look so much better. I so wish I could share photos but it's a BIG no no and I need to keep my job. But the new layout is so much better and shopper friendly.

I did a deep clean on our front entry and it looks very nice with just the table and radio as it should be instead of the catch all stuff that seems to get dropped there. I'm picking an area to work on each day and going through closets and drawers and plan to donate or sell stuff that is just in our way and taking up space.Or quite frankly pitching stuff that should have gone to the dump long ago.
The fan is kept there for when the temperatures start to soar and we need to move air about to feel cool.

After I did that cleaning up I took a nap as quite frankly I was exhausted at that point. Now it's time to get a meal prepared for the fellas when they get home. I hope everyone's week has started off well and continues to be wonderful.


  1. You have been productive, Becky! More so than me but i am getting about more quickly and started walks with my crutches!

  2. You have been busy and your front entry looks great.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving me such a nice comment :)

  3. it looks good Becky, you are an inspiration to me xxAmelia xx


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