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Monday, April 29, 2013

New Kitchen

We are finally researching cabinet options and have found a Company that sells Surplus cabinets considerably cheaper than the local Big Box/Chain stores. So we brought home a pricing sheet that lists the cabinet sizes and prices and we have been "planning". For about $2500/$3000 we could finish the cabinet portion of our remodel. We all ready have the flooring waiting to be installed once the cabinets have been put in place. Scott got out a couple pieces of paper and this is what we have figured out we would like to have in the "new" kitchen...
 I see he has noted where he left out 9"inches by the sink and there is a 9"wide cabinet that would fit there if I remember our conversation correctly.
The cabinet next to the fridge is an 18" wide utility cabinet that we would use as a Pantry cabinet. I would really like a 24" cabinet there but there just isn't room for one but thats OK... I can "make it work". We will need this pantry cabinet as we are doing away with the cabinets above the stove and counter top on the left side of the kitchen so that it will be open to the Den area. Which I am now toying with the idea of turning into my Craft Room so that we can have the spare bedroom I'm currently using as a Craft Room as a Guest bedroom for when ALL the family comes to town and needs a place to sleep or if traveling friends need a place to stop for a night. We are Dreaming once more and making plans and that makes me VERY happy.


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