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Friday, April 12, 2013

Crafts and OWIES!

Mermaid Charms all packaged up in handcrafted packaging ready for my swap partners.

Handmade yellow roses for a new crafting friend

Stick pins to go in an altered box for another swap.
Made up tags to hold the three flowers for my swap partners
More flowers I created today.
I'm hoping that those I am doing the swaps with enjoy the items that I have created. I still have to alter a box this weekend. I may get a start on it tonight by gluing some legs to the bottom. That way the glue can dry overnight and I can start painting it tomorrow.

About 30 minutes ago I stepped on a wasp here by my desk and let out a scream that would have awoke a Banshee I am most certain, I'm doing what I can with home remedies and OTC drugs but my foot is still swelling. MAN IT HURT LIKE CRAZY! My goodness it hurts so bad. Boy oh boy can one small creature pack a wallop that's for sure.

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  1. I sure hope your foot feels better soon.

    Happy crafting ~ FlowerLady


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