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Monday, April 22, 2013

Another set of pages...

Cool technique but I think I need to wait on the next prompt before I fill this little book up.

I've had a wicked sore throat since last night and went to work this morning even though I would have much rather stayed at home. Survived the 4 hour shift and got what was supposed to be 7 hours of work done in 4 hours. Came home and crashed since I had not slept much last night. I'm hoping this is just allergies and OTC drugs will kick it out of me. I haven't been REALLY sick in a long time and am not eager to be right now. And as you can see I'm rambling about nothing... I feel that CRAP-O-LA! Thanks for "listening".


  1. Love your art work, Becky! Sorry to hear that you're not feeling real well :-(. Hope those medications from the pharmacy are now starting to work. Xx

  2. Oh Becky I am sorry there must be something going around I find myself fighting something also. Take care of yourself OK rest when you can. HUGS B

  3. beautiful entry in your journal, hope you feel better soon xxx hugs Amelia x


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