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Monday, April 08, 2013

Busy around the house and taxes

Azaleas in bloom in front of our house
Yesterday we did a bunch of shredding on old paper work just gathering dust and I did ALL of our taxes - Scott and mine as well as our sons'. Thankfully we are getting a refund and won't have to pay anymore this year. We will be putting most of it aside for the car insurance which will come due in August. Greg is planning to get some work done on his teeth as he has needed fillings for several years but couldn't afford to get them fixed. I hope he follows through on it and doesn't end up blowing his refund frivolously.

Scott mowed the back yard yesterday after we had hit the e-file button for the last time. It looks a lot better and the dogs were so happy to have "their" grass cut. While he was mowing I started the difficult task of finding Bernadette inside the rag muffin mop that she turns into in the winter months. Anyone know a trick to dealing with matted hair on a dog? I still have a ways to go to have her completely trimmed but have to do it in short boughts so I don't stress her out or tear my back up. We just can't afford the cost of a groomer right now.

My hours are being cut pretty good so I am taking the opportunity to catch on on things around the house and to get our Summer garden started. And I've been working on some crafting projects - of course. I'll share more on that later in another post.

Saturday we had a lovely late Easter dinner at Scott's Moms'. I helped her with her knitting so she can get back into knitting dish clothes. And Scott made sure her laptop was up to date.

That is about it - nothing mind blowing or Earth shattering - same old same old.


  1. The azaleas look beautiful, Becky! Good that you caught up with some jobs...necessities of life.

  2. Your Azaleas are wonderful. I have two colors, a salmon and a light pink, love your pinks.

    Glad you got your taxes done. Sorry about your hours at work being cut, but it sounds like you have things planned to fill the hours. Enjoy.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Oh Becky it is truly looking like Spring in your neighbourhood. Take care the sun is shining. Life is good. B

  4. your garden looks totally awesome xxx Amelia xx


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