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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Interesting sightings

Black Faced Fox Squirrel; Photo found on Google
Last night we had to pick up a prescription at the Pharmacy for Scott and while we were out we saw a black faced fox squirrel. Neither of us had ever seen one before and had to come home and research it. I didn't get a picture last night but here is one from a Google search...

It was so stunning and unusual and it didn't act like our regular squirrels.

After we saw the squirrel we decided to drive down past Amazon's Warehouse to see how the new Pharmaceutical Buildings were progressing... they are HUGE! Scott has applied for a job with them once they get open; he is hoping they call him for an interview. Anyhow on the way there we saw some gorgeous wild turkeys. I got my camera on my phone ready but by the time we got turned around and across the road they had scattered back into the woods so I was unable to get a photo of them either. They were beautiful; I never realized how very colorful they are.

We also saw a Heron flying over the extension and Scott saw something "big" moving around in a tree and thinks it was a raccoon or possibly an Opossum. It was just a wonderful wild life spotting evening.

Well I better get ready for work. They will probably cut my hours again today and I am off tomorrow. I think today I will sew when I get home.


  1. What a beautiful creature that squirrel is!

  2. That is such a cute squirrel.

    Hope your day is a good one.


  3. That is a very cool squirrel. Turkeys are very fast. Good luck Scott on the job. Take care Becky Hugs B

  4. Cool! I love spotting new critters! I've never seen a squirrel like that--that's for sure! What a striking face!


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