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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Presents in my Mailbox

I received two lovely surprises in my mailbox today. I'll go alphabetically...

First a quilting friend, Carrolyn sent me this AMAZING organizer. I love this! It is SOOOOOOoooooo me! She does such beautiful work. THANK YOU CARROLYN!!!!!!

Carrolyn was my "Secret Santa" in the online quilting group I belong to on Yahoo.

Then I found another "squishy" in my mail and this one was a real surprise as I was not expecting anything else in the mail. Maria you sneaky gal you! I love the card and envelope; I'd never seen any that size or shape so I am going to carefully open the envelope completely so that I can create a pattern from it to make some more envelopes like it to send to my paper crafting friends. They will use them in projects for sure. Of course the "goodies" inside the package were AMAZING!!!

Thank You BOTH so very much you really brightened my day!


  1. So glad it arrived safely (and before Christmas!) Becky. As you decorate your house so beautifully for Christmas, I thought that a touch of Australia might be nice too!

  2. Actually Becky it is for thread in the upper compartments. Like silk thread for applique or..... You put spools of thread in there and thread the end on a needle and pull through the ultrasuede strip. (Then take off the needle. :) You then can use your many different threads and not have to chase them around. I use it for this purpose but I made my daughter two. She uses one for makeup when she travels....and the other for her baby's meds. He has epi pens etc. and it is his alergy kit. What is nice is when you open it, you see everything at once. Glad you like it.

  3. awesome to get happy mail, you so deserve it as you are such a wonderful person :) Amelia x

  4. Great presents from caring friends! Have a wonderful Xmas, Becky! Thank you for your regular visits to our blog!


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