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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Decorations Nearly Complete

My Greatest Wish

The "cats" tree

Our little tree all dressed up and ready!

My Santa's, Angels and Nativities.


  1. Hey Sis HUG :).
    Wow your cats have a tree very cool.
    Everything is looking good. I have not done one thing but will go put my Mom's tree up tomorrow. B

  2. love it , I do not have the Christmas feeling at all, I better get it soon xxx your place look stunning Becky xx Amelia x

  3. You are so organised with your tree up, Becky! Lea and I bought a tree and decorations on Saturday. A job for the girls to help decorate our tree!

  4. Love the video Becky! Your decorations are beautiful :-)

  5. Becky, LOVE your decorations..your home looks very nice! ~~Blessings~~


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