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Saturday, December 08, 2012

A Saturday in December

We started our day with our delicious biscuit breakfast and then we took the little gifts I bought to help a friend who is pulling things together to help 3 families that lost their homes recently. I hope the little ones will like the items I picked out for them.
Scott spotted these pallets awaiting pick-up near a warehouse near where he works and we went and picked up the longest ones to save them from the dump.  He will dismantle these and we will re-use the longest pieces in a building project. It took us two trips to get the ones he wanted. After we returned home he cleaned off the driveway and it looks a LOT better now.

I've been working on the laundry MOUNTAIN all day! It's gotten to be a one day chore lately as during the week I'm just too flat out exhausted to deal with it. Actually I have a few loads left and I've decided to let them wait until morning as I'm pretty tired tonight. I did get one crafty thing done today and now have another gift to wrap and put under our tree. I'm not saying who this is for so it will still be a surprise at Christmas.
JJ's Crochet Blog - Where I got the pattern.

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  1. Oh I am so sorry about that family what a terrible time to go through this with children I am happy everyone is OK stuff can be replaced..
    You have such a generous soul Becky. Love the hat. B


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