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Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Thats me! GRUMPY! Didn't get enough sleep last night - missed a good nap yesterday and have to be to work at 4 AM this morning. I sure hope this case of grumpiness leaves me before I clock in. And today I am turning my phone off when I lay down for my nap.

The dogs just would not shut up last night and the fella's wouldn't settle in either. I was about ready to check into a motel for the night but knowing my luck a bus load of teens would have been at the Motel. GRUMPY GRUMPY GRUMPY!


  1. I also get grumpy with lack of sleep. Hope you catch up soon!

  2. I'm feeling a bit on te grumpy side tonight too Becky. So I'm going to head off to bed and hope that fixes it. Hope you are feeling more cheery after a rest too.

  3. Hope you've been able to catch up on that sleep by now xx

  4. Dogs keeping/waking you up is one of the worst!!! I hope you're feeling a little less tired and grumpy at this point! Being tired makes me grumpy, too. Almost unreasonably grumpy sometimes.


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