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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Comfort and Remembrance

Last Saturday my Aunt Linda passed away from this Earth. She was quite special to me through my teen years. She bought corsages for my cousin, Heather and I for the prom as we went with friends as no boy was lucky enough to ask us. For Scott and my wedding she gave us a beautiful wool blanket made from the sheep that she hand raised on her farm in the 80's. I will always have it to bring her to the front of my memories. I've put it on the back of the recliner by our Christmas tree.
Thrifting finds

Burlap with keys.
Yesterday after Scott got home from work he wanted to visit His House thrift store to see if they had any old computers he could get a part off from cheap. He didn't have any luck but I found 4 things for my crafty side to use; some Aida cloth for cross-stitching, some curling ribbon, some black bow ties and some pearls. All were mine for $1!

After we left His House we stopped by Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts to see if I could find a remnant of tight red corduroy but they didn't have any at all. But I did find this piece of unique printed burlap that I know I can use in an altered project. The piece was marked $4.99 and then they take another 50% off that as it was a remnant. BUT the burlap was on sale so I got it 50% off the sale price so I paid just $1.75 for this piece...

This morning I had a craving for sausage, egg and cheese biscuits so I made some biscuits and Scott did the sausage and scrambled eggs. They were delicious... I even made a heart shaped biscuit with the bit of dough left after cutting out the biscuits.

 Today it's all about laundry and crafting!!! More to come later!


  1. Oh Becky I am so sorry about your Aunt Linda that is a beautiful blanket of memories. Hug. B

  2. I hope this biscuits are on your blog , as I would love to bake me and Theo some of those and try one day to make the same breakfast what you guys had as I tell you , my mouth is watering just reading and seeing them, had a bowl of oats now hahaha and I crave for your breakfast , mom in law and them went home, oh my goodness I am so tired, she does not sit still one moment , the whole time they were here she was working up a storm :) you think I cut the bougainvilla down all the bad leaves , I tell you she did cut it down so good it looks flat from this side, will take a photo of video to show you :)

    and 16 bags of leaves and leaves from winter all picked up and put in blackbags xxxmiss being online as I was so tired at night I did not even watch much videos either ,

    sorry to hear about your Aunt, oh my such an awesome blanket Becky ,
    I am so not feeling the Christmas spirit yet as I have this sadness over me for some or other reason, mom in law came just in time to cheer me up a bit . I have not made anything for a long time , I am yearning to make some arty farty stuff xxxx miss you


  3. So sorry to hear of the passing of your dear aunt. I am most certain you will treasure all the memories of her.

  4. How sad for you that she's passed but what a lovely treasure of memories you have shared here. Thanks you and HUGS


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