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Friday, December 28, 2012

Does Anyone use Adsense?

I've been thinking about signing up for Adsense  but am wondering if it's really worth the time and annoyance on a blog. Does anyone that reads this blog use Adsense? If so do you find it "worthwhile" financially? Are the Ads disruptive to the over all feel of your blog? Are the Ads REALLY for things that tie into your blog? Have you had a lot of complaints about the Ads? Thanks for any input!


  1. I have no idea Becky I have kicked the idea around a bit too. B

  2. I have had an account since 2008. And sometimes I use it and sometimes I do not. It kind of depends on if it fits the blog or site that I am building. The whole key is traffic the more traffic the more clicks you should get.

    Hope it helps


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