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Monday, December 17, 2012

Only 1 Week left

I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I've been busy as I'm sure we all have been but I didn't want anyone to worry about me being away for much longer. So I'm going to post a few pictures of things I've been making and doing before I leave for another 4 AM start.... ONLY 1 week left to go!

Gift's from a sweet gal on You Tube.
The gal I made the fancy "W" for sent me some wonderful cotton fabrics and a BEAUTIFUL mini-canvas in return. And her Mom made me the pretty earrings. LOVE IT ALL!
Nicholas enjoying the space heater.
We've actually had a few chilly days this past week and Nicholas has enjoyed being near me and the space heater. He is such a "Love Bug" and adores being held; quite the opposite of the other cat, Tesla. Tesla only lets the males of the house hold him without growling, hissing and carrying on. Seems he'd treat me better since I'm the one that cleans up after him, changes his litter box and am usually the first one up so I feed him. GEEZ!

We worked in a short walk by the river Saturday and then a trip to the Antique mall. I'll post a little more about that trip later.
Fungi braving a chilly day.

This leaf was HUGE - as big as a dinner plate.

Below the old Locks.

One MEAN vine.

Beside the Locks at a look out point.
 I created this card for a challenge a friend in South Africa put up on You Tube. She will draw a winner from all who make a teddy card and share a video of it with her and the winner will receive a CD of "How to make a bear". So of course I had to participate.

And my final note... my heart goes out to all the families in Connecticut that lost the dear family members last week. May your best gift this year be Comfort from all of us thinking of you.


  1. it is a stunning card Becky , and I love your walks and the way you and your hubby go for walks and your share your world with us , you have this amazing way of writing and I can not wait to read your blog , big hugs to you xxx Amelia x

  2. Lovely to hear from you! Sounds like you've been busy. Love the bear...Nicholas looks a very contented cat.

  3. Glad you had a moment to share a few things. The bear card is eye catching.


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