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Saturday, December 24, 2011

River Boat in front of our City Hall

Scott says these are Side Show Bob trees

On the 23rd we drove through the light display by Cayce City Hall. They have music playing this year and it's all so pretty. I may go back to get a few more photos; would especially love one of Cinderella's horse drawn carriage.

A gift of my own creation...
A gift for a Sister-in-law
Sunrise Christmas Eve morning

Mustard Greens - from our garden
Cherry Pie BEFORE... TESLA!
A few nibbles to take to my Mother-in-laws tonight
Holiday Cooking! The greens and the pie are to be taken to my folks' tomorrow and the nibbles will go with us tonight to Scott's Moms'. The pie... well I had it cooling on the counter with a kitchen towel laying over it and went out to the garage to lend Scott a hand and this is what the pie looks like now....
This pie will still be eaten tomorrow and I am ever so glad that I had put that towel over it or it would have gone in the trash. BAD CAT! Made my beautiful pie look so sad! 

More fun to come!


  1. Great photos, Becky...and you are so great at making these sweet braceles. Your SIL is one lucky lady :) :) Oh, man, I almost died laughing about the cherry pie. I'm glad you had the towel on it and that it's still edible ;) Happy Christmas to you and your family. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

  2. Becky - thank you for the absolutely beautiful bracelet. I will cherish it and the love that went into making it!!!


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