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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - A Review

January 2011 - Started with a walk by the river, followed by the start of a Mystery quilt called - Roll Roll Cotton Boll. It's completed segments are in a storage box with the remaining steps in a binder just waiting for me to pull them back out to complete - I  have a LOT of projects like that - perhaps that could be a resolution - FINISH projects started in previous year or before. Perhaps I will finally attain the "stack of finished projects" that I had planned to have done in 2011. ( I had 27 posts total in January 2011)

February 2011 - A dinner out with the In-laws and a bit of Valentine card crafting began the month. Walks by the river and quilt swapping fun was to be had all month long. Talk of gardening began with high hopes of a lovely garden but that was not to be as the heat was just too much for everything - perhaps this coming year we should get an earlier start to beat the heat. Crocheting also filled this month with a sweater gift for Abby. And the month rounded out with finding a childhood treasure and making her some new clothes. (29 posts in total for Feb. 2011)

March 2011 - Spring arrived with some beautiful blooms in our yard. I celebrated another birthday - number 47. It was not celebrated the way I wanted to with a road trip to Mary Jo's in N.C. but it came and went just the same. March also brought "pollen season" and the beginning of taking a Zyrtec each morning to be able to breathe easily. More sewing/ crafting and I ended the month with a little give-a-way. ( 27 posts in March 2011)

April 2011 - More blooms and a report on Scotts' garlic began the month. We took a trip up to our property and several walks along the river. More wonderful swapping fun with my Quilty Friends. Some time to sit by the river and listen to some wonderful talent. I had a moment of reflection on the state of compassion in this world of ours and our garlic harvest. (28 posts in April 2011)

May 2011 - Cats on the Computer. And a very sick little nephew - Dougie was hospitalized for several days. More blooms and a few berries were to be found in our yard. I was ripping carpet up and out like a mad woman. We found our latest pet by the Guignard Clay pits  - Bernadette came to live with us. Of course there were more wonderful walks along the river and another little give-a-way on my blog. ( 27 posts in May 2011)

June 2011 - Pets, baking and sewing filled the first part of the month. A few garden updates followed. Oh yuck! I was over an hour late to work one morning - I HATE THAT! Over sleeping is the pits! Bernadette was spayed and got a new hair-du and bath. Took a trip to The Old Mill Antique Mall and came home with goodies! More fun with my online quilting friends. More walks along the river we so enjoy. An introduction to my sewing machines. A bit of downsizing talk was to be had and more gardening updates. ( 30 posts in June 2011)

July 2011 - I was called for a Federal Jury pool but was not selected - maybe next time. More quilting fun. Cat antics! I made up a bunch of scrappy potholders and planted blackberries in our front yard. I listed out what I would do if I won the lottery. A visit to a friends farm for bean picking; followed by a day of processing said beans for the freezer. More blooms from our yard, walks by the river  and pulling out an old project that I went ahead and actually completed. (31 posts in July)

August 2011 - Started with a bit of bad weather that created an accident that I had to make a u-turn to avoid and travel a different route to work. More gardening news. A trip to the Thrift Stores. More sewing and quilting fun. Wonderful walks by the river with lots of interesting pictures of all the plants and critters we came across. I shared some special photos of my childhood. Life with a nearly 25 year old is never dull! And I had to replace my rotary cutter. (30 posts in August 2011)

September 2011 -  Oh gosh it started with a post called "Crap'o'la Day"... oh dear. Followed by "those that rule" wanting snacks. The waste in new construction is appalling. Walks by the river - OF COURSE. Injured my thumb at work pushing cardboard into the shoot to the compactor. Baking and more baking. A dress blues inspection for Greg. More sewing and quilting and a vent on how our life had been on hold for so long. ( 31 posts in September 2011)

October 2011 - Attended the Bluegrass festival here in Cayce - most enjoyable but COLD. The beginning of our Fall walks by the river. A look at my weekday mornings with arriving at work at 4:50 AM. Sewing, baking and felines - a typical day contains some or all three. A few gift ideas shared and a couple recipes as well. Picking green tomatoes and making chow chow were on my mind. (35 posts in October 2011)

November 2011 - Greg and Rachel thoroughly enjoyed handing candy out to the trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Made that huge batch of chow chow - YUMMY! More quilty stitching. A trip to our property that revealed that we need to get up and do some maintenance before the woods takes over. Mailing fun for quilting friends. Christmas crafting... trying to do too much for the time remaining until Christmas (typical). Baking and card crafting! (30 posts in November 2011)

December 2011 - WORK! the Holiday season demands it when you are in the Retail Industry. I developed a new recipe for biscuits and shared it on my blog. Thanks to Blogging I found a new friend (locally) that shares my interest. Decorated for Christmas. More sewing and crafting; baking and cooking. I sent a special box to England to a quilting friend there. Time with our families - happy memories made! Now I'm ready for the New Year! (only 18 posts for December 2011)



  1. What a great post! It is fun to look back and see what happened during the year.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2012 filled with blessings, hope and love!

  2. What a great way to review your year. Isn't it fun to look forward to a brand new one now? Best wishes to you and your family, Becky.

  3. What a neat trip back down memory lane of 2011 for you. Happy New Year Becky and here is a big cheers to another fun filled year in 2012! xxRuthxx

  4. What a great way to re-cap your year...Happy New Year and so glad blogging brought me a new friend this year!


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