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Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Man in my Life and Special Moments

This is the new "man" in my life! A Woodland Santa to add to my collection. I've decided to make my Santa collection stictly of the "Woodland" variety. I just think they have the most character and fit "me" the best. Isn't he handsome? I just love him and I saved 50% PLUS another 40% using my Holiday Employee Discount yesterday. I had been hoping and wishing I could afford one and that special discount made it so that I could. Merry Chrsitmas to me!

I had today off and slept in until 6:30... woo hoo. Still made it up in time to watch the sunrise from my computer chair. After Breakfast the "Nap Lures" went into action and tried to pull us back into bed. But today they had competition for our attention as the two dogs were waiting for us to take them for a walk. Amelia and Bernadette had positioned themselves right by the back door where we put their leashes on them. I looked out the bedroom window and took this photo of them kind of waiting patiently. They were OH SO HAPPY to gather new smells from the neighborhood and to just be out of the back yard. Speaking of the back yard it is a wreck at the moment and I am hoping to remedy that in the New Year. I have 5 more gifts to make or buy before next weekend. If I make something I will post a peek or two.

Perhaps I will re-create this mess...

And make some more jewelry or perhaps I will make up some kitchen sets. THINK THINK THINK.

We've been receiving some lovely Christmas cards and today I got a VERY special card... it contained a family photo... LOVE FAMILY PHOTOS! I put it on our Christmas tree and will buy a little frame to put it in tomorrow. It's of my youngest brother and his wife and children. LOVE IT!

If anyone is traveling I want to wish you safe travels and much happiness this Holiday Season.


  1. HI Becky,

    That's a handsome Santa. Wow, what a deal you got on that. You were smart to take advantage of the coupon and discount :) :)

    Your dogs are cute ;) :)..but your kitties, I'm partial to kitty cats :) :)
    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  2. That Santa is so nice! It's great that you were able to get it with all that discount :-) Your cats looked so comfy; they're so gorgeous... as are those 2 dogs of yours.

  3. I am GREEN with envy over your Santa! We have the same taste in Santas, I think! My decorations tend towards to 'woodsy'...not much glitter here. Have an amazing day Becky!! Hugs!


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