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Saturday, July 09, 2011

WHEW! Task accomplished!

9:35 AM
After I went out and took the flower photos we ate breakfast and then I got busy! From our visit to the Farm last evening I had to take care of these treasures from our friends...

I sorted and snapped beans for what seemed like FOREVER ; ) and then I got two pots of water started on the stove top so that I could get them blanched and ready for the freezer.
3:52 PM

I just kept going until they were all taken care of and am now waiting for them to cool down a bit before putting them in the freezer. I ended up with 14 1/2 Quarts that we will enjoy for the rest of this year.

                          4:41 PM
The Squash I will fry tomorrow and we will eat the tomatoes in sandwiches and just sliced with salt and pepper.


  1. I know that was a lot of work but you'll be rewarded all year! What a blessing to have friends who will share.

  2. that looks great. How long do they keep in the freezer? Could you give me a few more instructions for blanching them? I think I'd like to try this on a smaller scale for my apartment. These look yummy and healthy :) :) Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heathr :)

  3. Different vegetables get left in the boiling water for different amounts of time. My "Ball Blue Book" said to blanch green beans for 3 minutes.

  4. Love fresh green beans! Fresh Green beans during the winter months is so refreshing..
    Please, pass me a tomato and the salt and pepper! Yummy!

  5. Well done, I love the sense of achievement and knowing you are provided for. Roll on the profusion of the warmer months in this freezing winter.


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