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Sunday, July 31, 2011

HOT weekend

Yesterday was too hot for a walk by the River and we had so many errands to run and the house REALLY needed some attention in the cleaning department. I got the den deep cleaned and looking better. When Greg moves out the monster TV is going with him and we will turn this room into more of a library and quiet spot or put the dining room furniture in this room. The TV is used by him the most; playing games. I never want a huge TV again. If I want to see something on a HUGE screen I will go to the movies.They just take up way too much room and don't add a thing to my viewing pleasure.
I miss having a couch but there is just no room for one in there right now. You can see where we got stopped on our remodeling; perhaps one day we will be able to get it completed.

I'm thinking today will be laundry and just stuff that makes me happy - a walk by the river, sewing or crochet/knitting.


  1. Hi Becky ~ We're not finished with our remodeling either. It all takes time and $$. Life is an ongoing project. Let's enjoy each and every day we are blessed with.

    Happy Crocheting and river walking,


  2. Oh dear with remodeling ever done? We're in the process as $$$ will get done in time:)
    p.s. I don't like the big TV's either...


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