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Wednesday, July 06, 2011


This week has been a restless one for me. I can't seem to stay focused or concentrate on ANYTHING too much or too deeply. I haven't been getting enough sleep for one thing as Monday evening I got between a jealous cat and an adorable dog and paid the cost. Tesla lit into me like there was no tomorrow. From now on anytime a dog is anywhere in the house Tesla will be put in solitary confinement in our bedroom. This is the back of my right leg...
Perhaps tonight I will be able to sleep as it's not hurting as much tonight. I'm very thankful that I heal quickly. I will get Scott to help me bandage them again tonight with more triple-antibiotic.
 I snuck and took this picture so it's a little fuzzy but I had to share how helpful Scott has been while I'm recovering from the BEASTY BOY! I've still been cooking but he takes care of the clean-up; which is AWESOME in my book.

He has also been doing the laundry which I GREATLY appreciate. 

Meanwhile I have projects just taunting me from my sewing room. I have fleece to make some wild stuffed animals. Scraps waiting to be made into more potholders. I still need to make myself some sun-dresses and shorts. OH I also have a little boy that needs something made for his birthday. Better get that done this weekend. My mind is just spinning with ideas and plans.
 Scott has been putting in applications and filling in stuff for his unemployment to continue; I'm sure he is feeling like he is permanently attached to the computer.

Friday evening a friend has offered to share her green bean harvest with us and we will be going to her farm to pick some. I will take her a surprise in return.

I better get some rest as tomorrow is freight shoving day and it's our first big replenishment truck since Inventory was completed - lots and lots of little things to get put on pegs and shelves.


  1. Ouch! Even a little scratch from a cat can be painful so I feel for you. I hope you heal up fast. It's nice that you have a good helper!

  2. Maybe the little scrabble with the animals was really an angel trying to get you to slow down for a day or two. Chip away at the projects and they'll all get done.

  3. Oh my gosh, hope you will soon be feeling much better. Your DH is a great help and that will help you rest and heal.


  4. I hope your legs heals quickly. I was attacked and bitten three times by a cat two years ago. It was one of the most painful injuries I've ever had.

  5. Gidday Becky! Nice of you to stop by again. How have you been? Oooh, that cheeky little cat. We're 'dog' lovers here but my daughter is onto us wanting a cat. You've got a good husband there, helping you out.

    Have a great weekend!

    Anne @ Domesblissity x

  6. That is just awful for you! I've been in that situation myself but came out luckier than you. I hope you heal quickly. That's a lot of wounds.

    How great that your husband is so willing to help out!

  7. those naughty fur kids! Hope your wounds heal well and quickly!
    Your hubby is one of the best!


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