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Monday, July 11, 2011

From the Garden

The volunteer melon vine turned out to be a cantaloupe and we picked the first melon from it the other day as it had a spot that looked like it was going to go bad soon if we left it out in the garden any longer. This morning we decided to have some of it with our breakfast. As you can see it was quite large and half of it cut up filled our bowl so I covered the other half and put it in the refrigerator for later. There is still some left in the bowl in the frig as well and we have been nibbling on it all day. Yesterday we were able to make a much needed trip to the grocery store and we bought more fruit there as we seem to be craving it. We bought peaches, red plums, grapes and bananas. I love when the fruit is at sale prices like it was yesterday. 

I'll be picking figs next Saturday to make fig preserves from the tree in the abandon house next door. We've been keeping the yard mowed at our cost so this will be our payment for the gas we've burned and the time it's taken to do that task. I wish we knew the whole story behind the place. 

I went out to the garden this morning and decided to pick some of the Butternut squash (another volunteer in the garden).  The stems on these had started to turn brown and snapped free easily. I love how this year's garden feels like such a gift to us. 

Tonight I am working overnight - 9:30 PM to 7:30 AM tomorrow. Lots of plan-o-grams to get caught up on while the sprinkler system is totally updated. AH FUN!


  1. Oh, that cantaloupe looks good. My dad bought one at the store the other day. We've been enjoying it for breakfast.

    Did someone ask you to mow the lawn at the abandoned ho use? Or did you just volunteer to do that? That's nice of you to do that. It makes the house look less abandoned that way. I hope you can find out the story behind that house someday :) :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. We are just doing it at our own volition as we don't want the tall grass to attract snakes, rats, mice and other vermin as they would migrate to our yard and destroy my garden.

  3. The melon looks delicious. I love cold melon in the summer. It's nice that you keep the adjacent property mowed. Not only will it keep mice, snakes etc. away but it won't invite vandalism. ;)

  4. The melon looks delicious. I love cold melon in the summer.

  5. In Australia we call canteloupes rockmelons and that one is a beauty. I love the photos you post of your walks and I wish I could take macro photos as well as you do. Enjoy seeing your garden produce and the processing of it for the freezer etc and makes me wish it was summer here again.
    Can you contact the council and find out who owns the vacant block with the purpose of leasing/buying it so you can extend your garden? My mother tried this decades ago with a few bush acres next to us but she was a bit late and a developer had bought it and was just holding on to it for future development. We moved shortly after discovering this.

  6. I love butternut squash and cantaloupe. I've been on the road for 6 days and am finally catching up on your blog... the pics have been wonderful. I haven't seen a blue-tailed skink in years. The green beans look fantastic and we would love to be able to freeze some, too. And I love the containers on your counter! Take it easy and rest (a LOT) today.


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