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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Walk and Amazon

We had a nice walk by the River but by the time we got back to the car it was starting to get hard to breath because of the humidity and heat.

I love this mural that is painted under the Blossom Street bridge of a River Boat coming up the Congaree River.

The second picture is a look back at the Blossom Street bridge from further along the walkway.
Blossom Street Bridge

Section of a Sycamore that came down during the last severe storms.

A glimpse of the path from the Cayce Entrance.
After we finished our walk we decided to drive down the 12th Street Extension to see the progress on the new AMAZON distribution center. It's absolutely AMAZING! how big this building is; it goes on FOREVER!

They are to employee close to 2000 people a REAL plus for our State. 


  1. I hope it will cut down the cost and shipping time when u buy something from them!

  2. Shipping cost is dictated by UPS and Fed Ex not Amazon and we will have to pay State taxes at the end of the year on purchases from them. It's the only way the State would let them come here.

  3. I love going on your walks with you. Good Amazon and all those needed jobs. B

  4. Now that is one huge building! I guess that I've never ever given a thought to the fact that there is an actual place that Amazon works from! lol


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