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Friday, July 08, 2011

Dear Friends

We visited some dear friends on their Farm tonight and picked a HUGE bag of green beans. They also gave us some squash and tomatoes. I'll post more on that tomorrow as I will be putting them "up" in the morning and there will be better light to get pictures. I took them some garlic, fig/lemon preserves and a candle that smells like Lemon Merinque Pie.

Carol and I getting ready to pick.

Me picking and Deborah watching (she is recovering from some oral surgery)

We so enjoy visiting their place; it's just so beautiful! But I will let you be the judge...
Hand Dug Mill Pond at Sunset

Workings in the old mill

Mill building with Carol and Scott

Small building to the left was the old store and the Farm House to the Right

Another Mill Building with Scott and Carol in the center


  1. So Serene and Beautiful !

  2. I'm just blown away by their generosity. They just kept stuffing our bags and baskets with produce! Of course the fellowship of relaxing and spending time with friends is priceless.

  3. What a beautiful place. I'm sure they were appreciative of the garlic and preserves.


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