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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

If you won the Lottery.....

What would you do?
*For me I'd start by paying off all my debt, fix this house and sell it and build our cottage in the woods with his and her "shops"... mine would be big enough for a few friends to come and set up sewing machines and perhaps we would build a small guest cottage for family and friends that need an escape from the Rat Race.
*I would get Greg set up in his own cottage on his own land and pay for him to go to college.
*Then I would pay off all my parents and siblings debt and set aside some money for each of their children's college education.
*If anything was left after that we would travel some - I'd love to go to Ireland, Scotland, England and Australia and I've always wanted to go on an Alaskan cruise.
*I would also give money to Sexually abused children foundations and battered women's homes.

How about you?


  1. Oh the Big question! Well first I / We would sell this house and move to Southern Indiana/Brown county area where I have a dream of buying enough land in a wooded area and build a log cabin right smack dab in the middle of property...on the 4 corners of said property I would give each of our grown children land and enough funds to build a home , however they would still continue to work ....Secondly, All the Grandchildren would attend a college or/ trade school of there choice..After they graduate however they would have to work for a living to learn the value of a dollar!
    We have various charities we already donate to..but with a
    a big win more would be given.

  2. Pay off all my debts, and that of my parents and stick the rest in the bank!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

    p.s. Oh yeah, I'm assuming that's after we've paid Uncle Sam :) :) I'd like to live out in the country in a Victorian/Edwardian style farmhouse and craft to my heart 's content ;) :)

  3. Dear Becky,
    I think about this often and I guess I have similar ideas. Get out of debt, create a simple life, share some with family so they could get on their feet and I'd like to do something that would help our indigenous people and people living on the streets. The reality is we can only do so much, but nobody can stop us from dreaming.

  4. I'd pay off our debts, donate our present home to someone who needed and would appreciate it and then move to the mountains of Arizona. We'd take a cruise to Alaska and then travel across the country via amtrak. That's always been a dream of ours.

    We'd pay off our daughter's home and buy our son a truck and travel trailer. He's a nomad kind of guy and loves being able to travel the backroads. We'd give each of the grandkids a set amount of money. I'd set up a clinic in northern Arizona for people on limited incomes with little or no medical insurance.

  5. First, I would give 10% (tithe) to some sort of ministry. Perhaps homelessnes, children of addiction, Voice of the marters, etc. I would then buy a house on a lake or on a beach. Hopefully use the money to help my kids and others in need. Oh ya! I would buy a 1948-52 Ford or Chev pick-up...sweet! Blessings and thanks for challenging us to dream!

  6. I would buy a used house and a new used car for my hunny. My kids would all have their college paid for. If I got the money really soon I would put my gifted lil man in a private school so he can continue on with his gifts. I would also help our parents from debt. I would love to travel to many different locations in the usa and buy from local merchants. I would give money to the sheters around our community too!Iwould also help our brothers and sisters!


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