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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What day or night is it?

I've been struggling with knowing what day it is; working overnights really messes your body clock up. And tomorrow I switch back to 5 AM shift - so my body is awake NOW thinking I should be at work working but I really need to be asleep right now to get up at 3:30 AM...GGRRRrrrr...

My sewing room needs a thorough cleaning up and you can see the potholders are still waiting to be put ito envelopes and mailed to my swap partners. I have a bunch of quilt blocks to get made and I need to start on Christmas gifts as it will be here before I know it.

This evening we finally made a trip to the grocery store as we were starting to look like Mother Humbards Cupboards around here. The good thing about getting off at 11 tomorrow is I can come home and cook a proper meal - Terriyaki Pork Tenderloins, corn on the cob and perhaps some broccoli and cauliflower mix with cheese sauce.

The pink doily is coming along nicely; only 3 more rows around and I will have it completed. I will post a picture when it's been washed and blocked. I received my issue of CROCHET! in the mail today and there are several projects in there that I want to make for myself. Always new projects to grab my attention but I'm thinking I better get the ones I all ready have started finished before I start on any new ones; what do you all think? ; )

The garden is also needing attention and I have just been so dragged out from work and the crazy schedule with that that I haven't even stepped in the backyard except to give the dogs fresh water. Perhaps this weekend I will be able to get caught up with things around the house. There is always laundry and house cleaning waiting to be accomplished.

I hope that everyone is having a lovely week; I have been reading blogs but this is the first chance I've had to post myself not to mention being conscious enough to post something. Next week we will start getting 2 trucks a week... AH the Holiday Season has begun!


  1. Your post took me back to days when I worked all kinds of crazy shifts..with very little sleep ....I don't miss that time of my life at all...and I send big HUGS to you for enduring the torture...

  2. I worked at a factory that had what they referred to as "rotating shifts". I worked days for one month, then afternoons for one month, then overnight for one month. I was at that job for three years and learned to go to sleep the minute my head hit the pillow. I can't imagine changing shifts in the middle of the week.

  3. Wow, those hours are awful! I hope you can get back to "normal" soon.

    I never start a second crochet or knitting project until the first one is finished. But cross stitching projects is another story... ;-) Some people use a project rotation system, but that is too complicated and rigid for me (though it does get those UFOs out of the way!) Maybe you could work for 15 minutes on the old projects and then "treat" yourself to working on a new one. If you made yourself do the 15 minutes, then they would eventually get done and you wouldn't have to feel guilty about starting another.

  4. Life sure has a way of getting away from us sometimes doesn't it? I hope you catch up on your rest and find time to get to the calling of your crafty area soon.

    Have a great day!

  5. Crazy shift work is hard on the body. Take care rest while you can. B


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