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Monday, July 18, 2011

A Project Revisited

I've been taking it easy today and napping whenever the urge struck as I will be working 9:30 PM til 5 AM or a little later the next 3 nights; SO I cleaned off my desk once again and came across this pink doily I started awhile back and decided to work on it some while watching Law & Order UK on TVLinks.  So I'm now on round 12 out of 17 so 5 more rounds and I will have this one finished. I will then wash; starch and block it into shape. It will be a gift for someone in the future.

Now just so know one worries - I may or may not post for the next few days since I will be a Zombie during the day I'm sure but will post a bit when I can. As for now I've got to get a shower and start getting ready to leave for work. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. That's so pretty. You always have something creative going on...

  2. Beautiful doily!
    Take care and make sure you rest!

  3. Thanks for dropping by!!

    Still hot but not as bad as yesterday.

    Law and Order UK I just love, have to look around and see what stations i can find it on here.


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