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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Morning... all ready?

The weekends fly by doubly fast as a week; I wish we could work 2 days and be off 5. Oh well that is not how it works so we enjoy today to it's fullest. Scott and I are planning to  go for a walk after breakfast by the river. Hopefully we will see some interesting things worth photographing. We had an amazing sunset not long ago and I caught it with the camera...
My Boss stepped down from her job this week so we were running without her there all week. We all really had to step up to get everything done that was on the planning calendar. Quite exhausting but fulfilling at the same time.  Now the search is on for a new Replenishment  Manager... and it is NOT me. Hopefully they will quickly and successfully find an Early Bird that is an amazing planner.

Scott and I are monitoring our blood sugar each morning and evening and lately his has been higher than mine. Time to really evaluate what we are eating again. I know I have GOT to drink more water as I feel dehydrated nearly all the time. I just don't consume nearly enough beverages of any type until I am extremely thirsty and I know that is not good at all for my system. My muscles have been giving me a lot of trouble lately as well and I believe it is a hydration issue. I bought a water bottle but it gives the water a funny metallic taste that I can't stand and the plastic ones are horrible as well in a very short period of time.  Any suggestions?


  1. I use and like my metal one, but I know a couple people who prefer glass because of taste. One lady I know bought a couple glass ones at one of the box stores--Target, maybe--that came with a silicone sleeve on it to help prevent the glass from banging around on things. Around the house and yard I use a 32oz glass bottle that came full of juice which I washed and saved for the purpose. Maybe you need a glass water bottle. I hope you find something that works for you.

  2. If your water bottle is aluminium it will make the water taste funny. Stainless steel ones cost about 3 times as much but don't taint the water they contain and are more durable. Try mixing your water with a squeeze of lemon or orange juice to flavour it or if you can drink cold weak green tea it is a good hydrant. I need to drink lots of water as it helps keep my blood pressure down. Dehydration raises blood pressure as without enough fluids the blood thickens and the heart works harder to pump it :(. BTW - beautiful photo!


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