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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Book Worm Attack

I've been doing something I haven't been able to do in YEARS - enjoy a great book. I'm nearly finished reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diane Gabaldon. I have read ALL of her Outlander series and I have the next book waiting... An Echo in the Bone. I have thoroughly enjoyed hiding in a book again. She really draws you into the story so you HAVE TO keep reading to find out what happens next and every once in awhile she will create a scene that creates side splitting laughter. I'm not so sure Scott has enjoyed these sections as I've interrupted his thoughts on numerous occasions.

Yesterday I cleaned up under the chestnut tree in the back yard and it looks a good bit better. I still have some trimming to do on volunteer trees and plants that have invaded my flower bed under the tree but that will have to wait as it's raining here today.

I was also able to get all our taxes done yesterday and thankfully it was about evened out between what we owed the Federal Government and what we are getting back from the State; which was a GREAT relief as we were quite worried that we would owe more than we could ever come up with right now.

On a bright note Scott has been called back by the company he had a phone interview last week and they want an on-site interview this week. YEAH! We are so hoping that this will be his next job and that we will have health insurance once more. And most importantly income. I will be doing my best to manage the money better so that we can get out of debt faster so if this happens again we won't be in such a pickle. We definitely spend less with me at home instead of working as I'm cooking most of our meals, I'm able to watch sales more closely and clip coupons and grow vegetables in our back yard. I'm sewing again and that has brought in a little money but I'm wanting to create and sell things on Etsy more than taking in sewing. But for now it does help some to have the little sewing jobs so I will do them.

Time to get the laundry done...

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