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Monday, March 15, 2010

Future Looking Brighter

Scott has an interview tomorrow and I believe it will last ALL day.... so perhaps I can find some mischief to get into. We are truly hoping that this will pan out and he will have a job once more. He needs to work so badly; he has never been the type to enjoy relaxing. Vacations have always been best at 3 days - no longer, so being unemployed for this long has really been driving him crazy. I have my work here at home that fulfills me but he needs more of a challenge. So fingers are crossed.

Yesterday I got in a baking mood and made some Carmel Cinnamon Rolls. YUMMY!

Nothing tastes as good as homemade rolls. Those things you buy in the grocery store are so .... YIK!

When we were up to the property the other day we checked on the grass seed that we spread out on the logging road to see if it had started to sprout; it had. You can see in this picture where we've also suffered some ice damage on our pine trees. We have a good bit of clean-up to do all around the property. I love the shape of the old tree in this picture as well - VERY Halloweeny looking. It has some absolutely beautiful moss growing all over it too.

And the rest of the property pictures done up as a film strip. You can see more damage in some of these. Ice is deadly to a Carolina Pine. Where ever a limb broke off beetles can gain easy access and kill the tree completely.

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