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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Catchup Time!

Hello everyone... sorry I've continued to be slack on here but I've been busy crafting, making new friendships, playing with my awesome new toy (camera) and exploring a new walkway. So where to begin... I'll go as the photos are on my disc I guess.

Last Thursday Scott and I decided to walk around our neighbourhood and saw some wonderful signs that Spring is really here . Some Robin's looking for bugs in a neighbour’s yard. Such a striking orange-red breast. A sweet tiny birds nest in another neighbour's yard; it was only about the size of a Silver Dollar. And in our very own yard my Flowering Almond is blooming and gorgeous as always.

On Saturday Scott and I walked the original section of the Timmerman Trail and saw many signs of Spring.
Pine "Bloom" the reason for everything being covered in yellow

A yellow daisy
A Glorious Red Headed Woodpecker

One of many Red Bud trees in bloom
AH Wysteria... beautiful but not something I will every plant on purpose as it is horribly invasive.
Fungi makes me happy

Fern fronds
Bridge to the newest sections of the trail.
LOVE this tree as it looks like it has arms
Can you see the tiny brown frog?
I will continue my catching up in my next post as there are so many wonderful photos to share.

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  1. Ooooooh, we'd love to see a red-headed woodpecker. They look simply dazzling in photos and illustrations. And woodpeckers are just cool. We're enjoying signs of spring here, too--interspersed with spring snow showers!


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