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Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Rose, A Cottage and A Windchime

Thursday, April 24th
Here it is late Saturday and I have a few photos to share. First is a  photo of a gorgeous red rose that was blooming in my Mother-in-laws yard. It really made me happy that I carry the camera EVERYWHERE with me now. You really never know when you will be able to capture something amazing in a photo.

Isn't it AMAZING!!!? It just screamed "TAKE MY PICTURE" when we drove into the driveway.

Then yesterday we made a trip to Greenville to get some things from Scott's Uncles' house and to see what more we can help Adele with to get the houses ready for selling. It made for a VERY long day for us as we both worked yesterday morning and it was dark when we got home. While we were up there we got to go inside the old little house. It's been deemed unworthy of repair and considered a tear down. It's so precious! Here are a few photos...  OK Let's step back in time!

Scott took a bit of a fall coming down the driveway; slipped on the gum tree balls. Scared the daylights out of me and I thought for sure he would have been up half the night with pain but we were so exhausted we slept late.  It was dark when we returned home so the truck is still waiting to be unloaded.

Today my Crafting group met and we created some beaded chimes (really just a fancy decorations as I would not dream of putting these outside)...

Now I need to get off here and get some things done around the house and start unloading the truck.

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  1. What a cute little cottage! It is too bad someone doesn't buy it and restore it! I like the wooden window valances, and the ceiling light fixtures.

    I would dig up all of those wonderful plants too, or as many as I could, or at least take cuttings and hope they would root.

    I hope Scott is ok after his tumble.

    Have a nice Sunday ~ FlowerLady


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