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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

So.... Tuesday again

Here it is another Tuesday! The weeks seem to be flying by and I am finding myself so exhausted after work that I get very little done around the house. I wish I still had the energy I had in my 20's. And the full strength and flexibility as well.

I have plans for the garden and yard but we've been exhausted or it's been raining here so none of them have taken place. It's like our get up and go got up and went that is  for sure... I hope it returns.

We went for a short walk on Sunday to burn off some of the delicious meal we had at Scott's Mom’s. I grabbed the old camera and caught a few photos.
The river was rising and it is now under water.

A pair of Mallards


A pair of Canadian Geese

It looked like chocolate milk.
Well it's time to get this day started... have a good one!


  1. Such soothing photos and those honeysuckle are gorgeous!

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. those are such pretty Honeysuckles they look huge. Nice walk Becky take care. Hug B

  3. It is a great shame when work is so demanding that your energy levels for other things are low. It is good though that you get out for walks. Thanks for taking your camera with you so we can share in your walk.


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