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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

AH Tuesday!

I guess today is my "Hump" day instead of Wednesday as I am only working through Thursday this week. It's that time of year when payroll hours disappear nearly completely for anyone working in retail. Yesterday I was miserable with a horrible headache that did not let up all morning even though I had taken allergy medication as well as a pain reliever. I was so glad that I was only working a 4 hour shift and even happier when I was able to lay down for awhile and thrilled when I heard thunder... when the pressure changed I finally had some relief.

Saturday Scott and I spent the day in the yard trying to get things cleaned up a bit. It was the highest pollen count day so it is no surprise that we both suffered Sunday and Monday. Everything has been coated in yellow pollen. As we travelled around the State on Friday we could watch bursts of pollen explode from the pine trees as the wind came through. Huge clouds of pollen showering down upon us and a yellow haze before us everywhere we travelled. That rain yesterday cleared the air a bit.... thankfully.

We have quite the pile of yard debris out front awaiting pick-up by the City. What is REALLY bad is we still have a lot more to do out in the yard. We are going to spend at least one full day of our weekends out in the yard and gardens getting them back up to beautiful. And we are going to start working on projects around the house as well. I'm looking forward to having everything looking nice once more.

Here it is April 8th and we have yet to do the taxes... YUCK! Just hate doing them but it is something that has to be done and time is running out - perhaps that will be our first task for Friday.

Sorry there are no pictures this time but it is still dark outside this morning and I don't have anything new on the camera. I will take some photos of the azaleas out front when I get home from work as the rain has really brought out their colours.

Have a wonderful day!


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