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Saturday, April 19, 2014

It Only Takes A Moment

I've been thinking a LOT lately about connections; how they start, how they grow, how they continue, and sometimes how they break apart or never set the fruit of friendship.

You know it really only takes a single moment to put yourself in someone else's shoes or to add just a tiny bit of happiness to someone's day.  A positive thought even... a smile... a quick note in the mail.... holding a door for someone - even if their hands are not full.

 A wave to a stranger could let them know they are seen and not invisible as they may be feeling they are at that moment.  Your single positive act of friendship could give them hope that there are thousands of more positive interactions in their future.  HOPE truly is what sustains every single one of us.

Why not start on this Easter Sunday... I'm going to create a card and mail it to someone I have not seen in years just to let them know they are still in my heart and always will be. What will you do?


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