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Monday, April 28, 2014

MONDAY... once more....

Here it is Monday once again and I hope that everyone has a wonderful week ahead.  Mine will start with work and then at 8 AM I will be calling the Dr to see if they can fit me in today as my right leg is giving me all sorts of trouble.. I can't sit crossed legged any more as I get a shooting pain in the groan and now my knee is swelling and painful on the outer side and my foot arch will cramp up like crazy. I don't know what I have done but I am tired of the pain. I have too much to do for my leg to be acting  up like this

Scott cleaned out a few of the raised garden beds and has planted some potatoes. We will be harvesting the garlic 2 beds at a time instead of doing it all at once this year. After each harvest we will be planting new things - tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, yellow squash and a lettuce mix.

I have plans to sew through some of this fabric stash as well. But before I can sew I will need to refine some patterns to fit my odd body. It was so  much easier and faster when I was shaped exactly to the pattern measurements that is for sure. I've actually traced around a favourite pair of sleeping pants to make up a bunch of flannel bottoms - that will use up a lot of the flannel... quickly.

Well time to get this day started... Happy Monday!

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