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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Photos from last week...

Gorgeous moon shot from Wednesday night

Our Motel Room in Rockhill, SC where we stayed overnight on Thursday so we wouldn't have as far to travel on Friday morning.

This was a long stay Hotel with a Kitchenette

Scott all set up with the few things he took up to the AWA Meet in Charlotte, NC on Friday

Scott (in hat) talking with his Radio Mentor (Gerald) at the AWA Meet
Next is a series of pictures of old unique phones... I loved the lips!

LOVE the sign Gerald put's out in front of his tables... "The Wife said Don't bring this junk stuff back home!"

Scott looking for some tubes for a project he is working on currently.

Dart Swinger that Scott likes to see every year.
 Next a series of pictures of the Eastern Bluebird that has been checking out the birdhouse Greg made in Boy Scouts years ago.

The "car afghan" - ready to be put out in my car. I wanted something in the car to cover up with when Scott gets hot and freezes me out with the A/C.

I'm REALLY LOVING THIS NEW CAMERA! I would highly recommend this Sony Cyber-Shot DSWX300~

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