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Sunday, March 02, 2014

WHEW... dry spell again

Sorry about not posting in awhile. The days just seem to roll together anymore... plus side I am crafting a bit more and using up my stash. For March I am not going to spend any of my paycheck or Scott's on Crafting supplies... a spending freeze of sorts to get some more of the materials I all ready have used up. I will spend on postage to mail hand crafted items to friends and that will be all.

So ... WHAT have I been up to? HMMMmmm... well since I made the quilled card I created a "Skinny Mini"; although it hasn't ended up being too skinny since I had some trouble with the pages splitting and I had to make a lot of repairs that I ended up hiding behind lace and trims.
I've also been crocheting a few small hearts for an on-line friend that wanted some for her own crafting. She wanted "pastel" colors and this is the closest I could come up with what I have I hand here at home. These are crocheted out of pearl cotton and I am now crocheting some more with size 10 crochet cotton. Hopefully these will be close enough to "pastel" that she will like them.
Scott and I had a lovely fire in the fireplace last night...
It was so nice to sit together in front of the fireplace and just talk; Greg had gone off with friends to get Pizza so it was so nice and quiet. I snuck and took this picture of Scott; it's a  bit blurry but I wanted to get a photo of him without him knowing.
Writing a Blog Post of his own
So thats about it I guess. I did have a friend over to craft with on Saturday and thats when I made the skinny mini. March is really starting to fill up with weekends of FUN! Next Saturday will be my 50th birthday!!! WOO HOO half way to 100!

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  1. Oh Becky you are so very crafty and so very generous. Don't work to hard at work. Love the fire Scott looks comfy:) Hug B


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