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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Things happen...

Let's see... on August 21rst my Uncle Charlie died... on  his 87th birthday. I have mixed emotions about it and that is another long story that I won't share here as it's not nice to speak ill. I'm sad for my Aunt.

Last night our hot water heater croaked so it's cold sponge baths until we can get it replaced. It's another case of "nothing lasts forever"; the thing was 17 years old. I can hardly believe we have lived in this house that long. We put it in shortly after we moved in here. Also last night our neighbor needed help with a flat tire and Scott changed it for him.

I've made some more progress on my "witchy dwelling".

The witch, cat and potions are all made out of polymer clay.

The light is a battery operated votive that slides into a "fixture" at the top.

Evil toad keeps watch to be sure  un-witchly vehicles are "toad off".
 I've also begun a mini-album made out of envelopes.This is one of two that I will be making as gifts for someone.

We've taken a couple lovely walks along the river and at the last one we saw the set up for a proposal that we saw the couple walking back to their cars... I do not know if she said "yes" or not but the proposal was so sweet  not to record after they had left.

Of course my silly man got in the video... he is a keeper!

Time to get ready for work. I'll post more later today... IF I survive training a Newbie! Just hoping she has some Retail experience!


  1. you have been busy and awesome witchy den hehe and all of it look so good :) wow , love the video and Scott at the end :)

    lovely Album
    sorry been so quiet lately , missed chatting to you x*poke* and we hardly poke each other anymore hehe

  2. I loved the video, especially the ending.

    Thanks for sharing your own love for each other, and all of the crafts that you do, your veggie garden, your river walks, etc.

    I'm sorry for your aunt.


  3. Oh Becky I am so sorry about your Uncle and your Aunt. Take care HUGS
    Love the video yes a keeper indeed:) B

  4. That is such a sweet video....especially with Scott jumping in at the end. A total keeper. Thanks for sharing.


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