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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Progress Report

First I want to share some progress on my little witches dwelling. This is for an online friend that wanted to do a Halloween swap.
I'm planning to build a "witchy" bookcase for her potions and will be creating some "spell" books for her as well. The eyes are stickers that I am debating on whether or not to add to the walls. Scott says perhaps they would be a little much but I wasn't planning on using the entire package of eyes just 2 or 3 pair. What do you all think... add some eyes or no? I'm also going to rig a light fixture so I can add a battery operated votive to the ceiling. And there will be "creepy cloth" curtains added to the front.

I've also knitted a dishcloth and scrubby for her to "clean her cauldron" as another small gift to add to her box. We decided we'd fill a medium sized flat rate box with Halloween goodies for each other. This is going to be such fun to receive in the mail.

Now for a little gruesome update; Greg's leg is healing but still looks quite ghastly.
The wound was quite deep and we keep watching for any signs of blood poisoning but so far so good. It just looks so awful.

Now for a little gruesome from Sunday  along the river... 
Vulture - one of several that flew across the river toward us and landed in a tree near us. Such a handsome fellow don't you think?
 And a bit of pretty!

We so enjoyed our Sunday walk by the river!


  1. ha ha! Looks like a fun Halloween swap :-) Good to read that Greg's leg is healing after such a deep wound.Love your nature photos, especially that last photo...what beautiful colours and markings on him/her.

  2. glad his leg is healing and also great witchy and wonderful swap items xxx


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