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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Just a BLAH Sunday

We took a "BLAH: day and just sat around doing absolutely NOTHING! Yesterday I mowed the entire lawn and did a little trimming on bushes. Scott made some repairs to both our cars and the truck. My door handle had come loose and he glued it back together with JB Weld. ANd his car had a bolt loose in the distributer so he reinstalled it with some Locke Tight but before reassembling it he put in a new cap and rotor. He also changed the oil in his car and the truck. They are all running smoothly now. And that is why we took today off as a "Blah" day. Scott and I did work a walk in along the river and saw many things to enjoy.
Slider/Cooter Turtle
Another shot of the turtle
Looking toward the Gervais Street Bridge - aka - "The Pretty Bridge
Paw-Paws - they are ripening and falling to the ground.
Snake skin
All that remained
Fungi on a stump


  1. We all need such a day from time to time, Becky :-) Loved your photos of your walk along the river!

  2. Ah, that great outdoors. Always full of neat things to see.


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