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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nearly the Weekend Again!

So what have I been up to you may ask?

Sunday Scott and I went for a walk on the new walkway down near the boat ramp. It was a beautiful day for a walk and the deer flies didn't start biting us until we were nearly back to the car. Here are some pictures from that walk.
So inviting!

Fungi in the sunlight

Majestic tree in the sunlight

Silly us.

As in life there will be curves ahead.

Looking up river from the boat landing.

Looking down river

"Turtle" knot

Tiny mushroom forest.

Painted Lady

Damsel fly
And I've done a bit of crafting...
Cards for a swap.

A hone for the little witch.
And last night we went to a Goodwill store in a town near us and I found 3 pair of pants for our niece, Abby... all for under $9... 3 pair!


  1. More of your beautiful photos, Becky! Looks like it was a lovely day too. Love that photo of you and Scott :-)

  2. That is a great photo of you two! And that mushroom forest is amazing!

  3. Yes, I do like that photo too. Looks like you live in a very beautiful place. Sue


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