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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Two Days!

The 17 year old hot water heater that finally croaked.
Yes! Two days... that is how long it took to get our hot water heater replaced. We had never done a replacement ourselves and it took several trips to 3 different stores to get the right materials.And we had to contact a plumber friend of my bosses to replace the valve at the side of the house as when Scott went to cut the water off  the valve cracked. The Plumber made fast work of the replacement of the valve  and only charged us $125... very reasonable for it being the start of a Holiday weekend and short notice.
I cut this bush way back and we will be taking this bush to the ground so that we can get to the cut off and the water hose connection more easily.

The new valve "bucket"/cover

The new water cut off valve
 After Scott got home from work we got the new hot water heater installed.
Isn't it GREAT!
The new beauty!
We sure thought so! And a HUGE thanks to my Mother-in-law for helping too! Why do things like this hit between pay days? Time to build our savings back up so that we will have cash available for such occurrences.
Earlier this month Scott caught this picture of me mowing the front lawn... the stinker! Funny what you find on a disc sometimes.

Here is another wonderful photo Greg took of himself with his buddy; Tesla...
Aren't they cute?


  1. Oh Yes ... you need that hot water. I love my showers. Want to come and mow my grass? I'll even let you sit on my mower ... no pushing here. Easy peasy ! Sue

  2. Yikes! Two days can be a bit too long a wait. However, if the water heater delivers more than it was advertised, then that more than makes up for all the lost times. In any case, I hope that new water heater lasts and serves you all a great deal. Thanks for sharing that, Becky! All the best to you and your family!

    Monique Wells @ Metro Heating


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