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Monday, December 31, 2007

Monday Monday

It's Monday all ready... I have a lot to get done today and will be going into work a little earlier as there is a conference call this morning and the ordering has to be done and and and.... Welcome to the new job has finally set in now that the Christmas rush is just about over. Genevieve will be having her baby soon and will not be available to help me much longer so I better ask LOTS more questions today.

I should still be asleep but wasn't resting laying there so I thought I would just get up and do some things before work. I'm looking forward to my days off this week as I have a bunch of cleaning to do and some projects I have to follow through on. Never seems to be enough energy left when I only take one day off every few days so this week I'm taking off Wednesday and Thursday and then next week I'm off Saturday and Sunday. OH to one day have a job that I'm off all weekends... but thats not retail... oh well I'll survive and then retire.

I just realized that today is THE LAST DAY OF 2007.... WOW! This year just flew by!

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