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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Off To TN

Well I will be flying out to TN this afternoon and will be out there until the 14th. It will be fun and educational but I will miss being at home with the family. I still have about 9 gifts to come up with for family members too. Perhaps I will find some stuff in TN; the thought of shopping when I get back isn't too appealing as it will be just 10 days from Christmas then... yikes!

Last night Scott and I went over to David and Debbie's for their Christmas party. We took three types of chocolates and a bottle of wine. Debbie had a nice spread of food for everyone and it was nice seeing some of the same folks that usually attend their events and some new folks too. Debbie invited us to Christmas dinner at their house. We may stop by late in the day as we had pretty much planned to go up to my parents' for Christmas day. We usually spend Christmas Eve with Scott's family so it will all work out.

Well i better get back to the laundry and such as I have to pack yet and then there are some other home type financial things I have to resolve before I leave this afternoon.

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