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Monday, December 04, 2006

WEE Morning Hours!

It's about 3:30 AM and I'm awake for some unexplanable reason; perhaps it has something to do with being so congested. I also went to bed at about 9 last night as I was beat from working 7 AM to 5 PM yesterday at the store. Was only supposed to be there until 2 but we were swamped and it was all new girls with Diann and I just couldn't leave her with that mess. Day before yesterday Tiff got hit by a car so I'll be covering her hours today so that she can recover. She was lucky and didn't get any broken bones but is brusied up pretty badly and has had difficulty in breathing. Hopefully nothing serious develops. I'm supposed to be off tomorrow and Wednesday but may have to go in and cover some of her hours; time will tell.

I need to get some Christmas gifts made and soon as there are only 21 more days until Christmas. YIKES! I have done some shopping but still have a ways to go. Greg has asked for some really expensive items this year and I am afraid they are just too far out of our budget unless I can locate them at closeout prises and then he may get just ONE item under the tree this year.

Scott called me a "blankey hog" last night and said I took all the covers and could he PLEASE have some back and since then I had been uncovered so who is the BLANKEY HOG!? My back is stiff from being exposed to cold air so I have the little space heater running next to me trying to warm up my back. Little Nickie has decided that I actually turned it on for him and he is curled up in front of it now. He has been sneezing the last couple days so I may have to take him to the vet Tuesday or Wednesday. Tesla has also let out a couple small sneezes so he may have caught it as well. Tara has been staying outside a LOT these days and only comes in to eat. I keep thinking with it getting colder she'd want to be indoors but not yet.

I guess I will try to get a little more sleep now.

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