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Sunday, December 10, 2006

LIFE - Always changing!

None of us truly know what tomorrow will bring so the whole concept for living for today is sounding like a pretty good idea. I think a lot about future plans and then they get pushed aside as life takes over. It is so easy to loose yourself in a job or the mainstream consumerism that plagues our country. Scott and I so want to return to a simpilier way of living - smaller house, fewer things and more time together working on our land producing a majority of our food and making things with our hands. Striving for self sufficiency and growing old together. Going on hikes to interesting FREE parks like the Clay Pits not far from here where they used to pull clay to make bricks long ago. Peaceful places to sit and refleck all along the way. The photo above was taken there the last time we hiked around the clay pits. It's one of my favoite photos.

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