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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Flu Bug and family loss issues

I have several gals ill with this years cruddy flu and then one gal just lost her father. It's going to be another ruff week but thankfully Shannon is jumping on board quickly and is becoming a BIG help. Lenora is ill with THE CRUD! So she will be out sick for another day or two if not more. Hopefully if it's longer than a couple days she will go to the Dr. If we can get thru this next month it will be smooth sailing from then on... I hope - KNOCKING ON WOOD! We have Inventory in February and we are also supposed to be "model STore" perfect by Feb. 1 - we are getting there but there is still a LOT to do! Sometimes I get to wondering "what on EARTH are you doing being a store manager"! Oh well - most days I LOVE it and enjoy the work; more than anything I need some time off to regroup and rest and then my energy will be back again. Scott has been so wonderfully - keeping the house up and bringing me meals at work when I can't leave the building. HE has become a real LAUNDRY KING! A better husband can NOT be found in my book. Greg is missing me and wants to go see a movie with me. I've got to get things settled at work so I can have some time with my family again. I so want to get up to our property and walk around a bit as well.

Time to get this day started - LOTS to do!

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