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Thursday, August 25, 2016

WOW! From Spring to Fall

Well here it is nearly September already and I have been away for such a long time. We are still living between two Cities and we are both growing weary of it and a LOT has happened since May. I don't have my Calendar with me at the moment so I will save the past few months for another post or two so I won't bore you all to tears all at once.

 I also need to catch up with all my Blogger Friends as well. BUTTONS HOW ARE YOU? I am so sorry I have been away so long but will be popping over to your Blog shortly to try and catch up.

I definitely need to make my Blog my first task of everyday once again now that I am a fulltime homemaker once again... thats right no more crazy work hours and lots more time for gardening, home care as well as crafting. Well eventually... as right now my time is spent keeping the cottage that Scott's wonderful sister is letting us use neat and tidy and on the road back to this house in Cayce keeping it clean and making repairs.  Our plan is to list this place at the beginning of the New Year.

I came down here yesterday as I had made an appointment for the Heating and cooling system to be checked out and to get a new whole house filter installed. The Technician called saying he was going to be running a little late as the warehouse gave him the wrong filter for our system... UGH! I was hoping to be back in Greenville by Noon.

I know this will sound crazy but Scott and I will be back down here tomorrow night for  the weekend to do some painting and yard work. We are down here nearly every weekend as we have SO much work to get done down here. It all takes so much time and we are staying exhausted for the most part. We do however take a weekend off of repairs and do something fun or drive around looking at property in the Greenville area about once a month. It may be March before we have this place ready now instead of January first but we will get there.

We have already listed our 10 acres for sale in Winnsboro and we are hoping it will sell soon so we can have that money to buy a piece of land to build on in the Upstate of SC. Here is the listing...

Well there will be more to come tomorrow morning!

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