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Friday, August 26, 2016

July 2016

OK... on to July! The first week in July Scott was off as it was Plant shut down week and we spent the week in Cayce working on the house. It was miserably hot with the heat index as high as 114*F.

I got the shed completely painted and then later in the month we discovered the gal that mixed our paint had given us Interior instead of Exterior paint. We were devastated and went back to Home Depot with the issue and long story short they met us about half way after a call to Corporate and refunded us the cost of 4 gallons of paint. Since we are planning to sell the house in the New Year we have decided to press forward and not repaint the shed as it was a LOT of work. Hopefully it will last the new owners a good while anyway and in all likely hood they will repaint as soon as they move in.

I am still dealing with an Insurance issue for the so called FREE Pair of Diabetic shoes. On July 11th I called and talked with "ASIA" at the Insurance company and told her that Advance Prosthetics had called the Insurance company before preparing my shoes and they were told the shoes and inserts were covered and this was way back in April. After some time away from me on that phone call Asia came back and said that they would pay the remaining $200 as they had misquoted when Advance Prosthetics had called them. Guess what I just got another call from Advance Prosthetics saying they had not been paid. UGH! I have all ready paid them $236 out of my pocket and had hoped the Insurance Company would follow through. SO... next week I will be calling the Insurance AGAIN in the hopes they will resolve this as I really don't want to pay another $200 for "FREE" shoes. And next year I am going to tell my Doctor forget about it when she mentions FREE shoes again. I can buy several pairs of Nike's for that price. This whole situation is ridiculous! Hopefully it will work out soon or I will have to pay the balance so our credit rating isn't affected by it all.

I went back to  the Doctor on the 14th for blood work and things are looking a LOT better. My A1C is down to normal at 6.0. I am hoping when I go back on October I will be able to come off some of the medications I am on at the moment. I am currently taking:

Levothyroxine 50 MCG - 1 tablet a day
Metformin 1000 MG - 1 tablet twice a day
Ranitidine (Zantac) 150 MG - 1 tablet twice a day
Losartan 25 MG - 1 tablet a day
A multivitamin - COMPLETE Senior
If I over use my neck I have a prescription for Baclofen 10 MG that I can take up to 3 tablets a day do reduce spasms. The doctor also believes I may have Arthritis in my neck. 

She and I have also discussed the possibility of pinched nerves in my neck and shoulders and she is thinking I may need to have EMG run later in the year. I am going back to her in October for a PAP Smear and blood work and we will discuss the nerve issues some more then I am sure. Ah getting older is GREAT!... at least I am still mobile and alert... and I hope I stay that way for at least another 30 years.

AH Scott's car! Well the problems just got worse and worse and yep... we bought out second transmission this year. Now we are hoping nothing else goes wrong with it until after it is paid for... we still owe over $14,000 on it and did not expect this to happen at all as my Buick went for years needing nothing done but oil changes. So now both cars have rebuilt transmissions and we are so thankful to JD Walker Transmission for taking such good care of our cars.
On July 24th we listed our 10 acres in Winnsboro, South Carolina for sale with Betty McGinnis. We just decided that we needed to just let go that dream as it is no longer in the cards and we need the cash to buy land up here in the Upstate. So far no offers have come in but we are hoping it will sell soon so we can start making plans for the rest of our lives up here. We are hoping to find 3 to 5 Acres to have a Deltec home put up. I love the idea of living in a round home. My Favorite plan is  the Chesapeake floorpan B .  I ADORE that wonderful Pantry closet and how they other 2 bedrooms are on the opposite side of the house. It's not a huge house and that is perfect for Scott and I.

On July 30th Scott and I took a day to hike on Paris Mountain... it was a GORGEOUS day to hike. 

Being the silly goofs that we are we ended the day on the highest level of difficulty with the most difficult trail on the mountain at a 9 out of 10. When we rounded a bend and I looked up to see this wall of steps I thought we would die and the hike was up all the way... straight up! To say we were sore the next couple of days would be putting it mildly. I was so thankfully for the picnic back pack Scott's work gave to him as we carried water and snacks and were so thankful to have them. We  need to do hikes like this more often as it was exhausting but SOOOO worth it! 

As soon as Scott gets home from work we will be driving down to our house in Cayce to work on it some and hopefully get ahead on the painting. So much to do before the weather turns cold. I would love to be done with all the outside painting before October so we can get the new roof put on and then get to work on the rooms indoors. Baby steps... each weekend is a baby step. 
Have a GREAT weekend everyone.


  1. Sorry to hear that you have had the dramas with the shoes, paint and car.
    That's good news wit the blood test results. Glad to hear that.
    Great pictures from your hike.

  2. Sorry about the bad parts... But the shed looks nice ♥

  3. Wow! How nice to hear from you again, Becky, and what an eventful time you've had while you were away from your blog. I hope the land sells and you can start chasing your next dream in earnest--and live in one place without all the back and forth. That must be quite taxing. I hope your health continues to improve and that Greg is doing well. Dang about the shoes--oh! Insurance companies!! Sigh. I really, really like your mailbox art!! You are so talented! And congrats on getting to focus on being a homemaker again! Hooray. Take care and so nice to hear what you've been up to.


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