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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 2016

So here it is nearly the last day in August and i am coming back to catch you up on what we have done so far this month.

This first photo I have no idea where i took it as it was the only photo for August 1rst on my card.

 Throughout July I participated in a daily Art prompt event and at the beginning of August i created the covers and bound the pages together with book rings. Each day had a different prompt that you would follow to create a page as well as a mini version on your index page. It was so much fun to do that i may look for other daily prompts to follow in September.

 I did a flip through of the book on You Tube if you want to see each page...

We have cottage kittens!

 They are so much fun to watch. We are trying to get one or two tame enough to adopt.

Nature gives us so many wonderful gifts each day at the cottage.
Butterfly resting at dusk
Life from destruction
ATC's - Artist Trading cards that i created for a swap.
More of the Cottage kittens playing...

 And our 'grand- kitty - Piper. everytime we go down to work on the house she is so glad to see us. She has turned into one gorgeous feline.

Well that is the first week of August!

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