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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week 3 - August 2016

This is the Geranium my parents gave to me as a "House warming gift" at the little cottage we are staying in until we can find a new home of our own.

We took a lovely evening walk around the lake at Furman University. The students had not arrived yet so it was just a bunch of midlife and Senior Citizens walking around and enjoying the beauty. We love to walk at Furman; such an amazing campus. 

This was the first time I noticed the Rose Garden. There were so many lovely roses and garden elements. And of course my Ham.... Scott struck a pose for me too.

The bell tower is always so striking no matter what time of day. 

The Swans had to come check us out. I am not sure where the other black Swan was that night and I hope that it was not lost to it's mate. They are such beautiful creatures.

 Our son, Greg turned 30 on the 24th so we had a party for him on the 20th. I dresses the Mannequin up that he had brought home years ago... a dumpster "rescue". She didn't have any arms so I put a long sleeved shirt on her this time. She is wearing one of Greg's old Halloween costumes and some beads. 

Greg requested a Coca-Cola cake so I made one for him. It was SOOOO good but oh so sweet. Definitely NOT on mine and Scott's Diabetic Diet to be sure.

Greg loved having his friends over and they all came later in the day and stayed until nearly 10 PM. It was so fun listening to Greg laugh and his friends cutting up as  they played Cards Against Humanity.
Greg is the bearded one. LOL

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  1. It sure is pretty there. I do hope you find the house you are looking for. Enjoy the life you have found. Hug B


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